ASG provides various VFD starter assemblies – up to 350HP including PLC control with ethernet connectivity.

These assemblies can be provided with filters, fusing, and HMI controls in a variety of Nema enclosures to meet your requirements. When space is limited, we can put multiple VFDs in one enclosure and depending on ambient temperature we can determine the required cooling with fans or AC units. We can also provide programming and on-site services as need. 

AC Drive configurations offer many options including:

  • Enclosure Type
  • Control Devices
  • Mounted Keypads
  • Push Button & Pilot Devices
  • Remote Start/Stop and Speed Control

AC Drive packages for Constant or Variable Torque applications are available in single and three phase input, from100 to 690VAC. You can configure a basic open or enclosed drive system and add features such as input line reactors, output load reactors, regeneration, pulse braking and bypass, etc.

ASG also offers configurable DC Drives and DC Drive panels that provide flexible, reliable, control for industrial applications including metals, plastics, paper, cranes, oil and gas, etc.

DC Drive packages for two and four quadrant applications are available from 200 to 690VAC.

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