Connecting process operations to data for enlightened decisions

ASG’s expertise in control panels and hardware assembly can be combined with software capabilities involving Cloud-based SCADA Software as a Service (SaaS), data connectivity, protocol communication, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The result is an expanded solution for advanced industrial control panels with engineering services, making your systems more efficient and helping you make better process decisions in real time.

Our focus is to better collect, analyze, visualize, and interpret data that may not have been economically or technically available in the past. We can leverage newer technologies by capturing and transforming data into knowledge and actionable insights, which results in increased uptime, safety, and productivity. 

Cloud SCADA and your operation?

The goal for SCADA as a Service is to gather data from all assets in real time and send to a hosted cloud database. From there, authorized users can visualize, share, archive, report, and prioritize the data without the burdens of managing expensive software and IT infrastructure. With all this information readily accessible, users can then experience wide operational efficiencies, deliver critical alarm events directly to operators, analyze data, create effective reports, and benefit from overall efficient business practices.

Our project specific approach allows each system design to be a collaborative process by working with our customers to understand their goals and develop a solution that meets and exceeds them.

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